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Women of Wisdom

Women of Wisdom -- what a wonderful affirmation of truth! It is time to celebrate, honor and cherish the wisdom of women, the wisdom of the earth and the birthing process they both nurture. I know no one who has done more in this labor of love and reverence than Kris Steinnes, the founder of Women of Wisdom and the author of the inspirational book Women of Wisdom, Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women.

An award winner and best seller, Steinnes' book is an anthology of truth and a testimony to the beautiful tapestry of women's lives and perspectives. In honor of the wisdom of all women, the efforts of the many women that embody Women of Wisdom and the catalyzing efforts of Kris Steinnes, I am offering a free downloadable image and a discount on products sold during the June 23rd event.

To receive your special offer, please email me with your image request from the gallery and I will send a downloadable file. Feel free to make up to 5 copies of the image to share with others as an extension of our celebration of women and women's wisdom. Additional products purchased will be 25% off on the day of June 23rd.

In loving recognition of the radiant beauty of women everywhere,


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