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In learning we teach AND in teaching we learn; The Sacred is our Master Teacher.

Spiritual Direction & Companioning Online
A Modern Approach to an Ancient Tradition

Are you stuck at a personal crossroads?
Are you searching for deeper meaning, wisdom and perspective?
Are you missing The Sacred in the complexity of your busy life?

In almost every spiritual tradition, seekers such as yourself have been finding the answers to these longings through Spiritual Direction & Companioning. In order to meet your needs in this busy, complex 21st century world, you can conveniently participate in this ancient and sacred process online with me at Labyrinth Spiritual Direction & Companioning.

What is Spiritual Direction & Companioning?

Spiritual Direction & Companioning is sacred listening, exploring and mentoring. It can be a vital and unfolding process in your journey of discovering and weaving the fabric of your spiritual soul with The Divine, The Sacred, The Creator, your Higher Power, God, Allah, Buddha, Nature (or whatever word, name or concept that works and/or fits for you).

Spiritual Direction & Companioning is helpful when you are:

  • Needing to nourish your spirituality.
  • Wanting to discern God's will for your life.
  • Seeking to understand the difference between wishful or magical thinking and a genuine "message" from The Divine.
  • Desiring to increase your ability for self-awareness and reflection.
  • Longing for a healing of your soul as you seek and experience The Sacred.

Thank you!

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