About Me
In learning we teach AND in teaching we learn; The Sacred is our Master Teacher.

About Me

In this picture, I am leaning against a stone in a circle of sacred standing stones in Scotland. The sacred energy in this "thin spot" was palpable. Even now, if I close my eyes, quiet my soul and journey into my center, I can strongly feel the ancestral spiritual energy I experienced within the circle of those sacred stones.

I have over 40 years of experience in helping professions as a nurse, therapist and Certified Spiritual Director.

Religion and Spirituality

I consider myself an Eclectic and a Universalist. My own religious and spiritual journey has been labyrinthine. Being a seeker and quester, I've traveled a number of paths to the center and back... and some that didn't take me to the center before turning back. Still, I have always learned something on each journey that has deepened my spirituality. I call The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) my religious and spiritual home. I have been receiving my own Spiritual Direction for the last nine years with a Sister from our local Benedictine Monastery. It has been of invaluable assistance to my soul. I am an active participant in the Education For Ministry (EMF) program with fellow seekers from a local Episcopal congregation.

Lifelong Learner

I admit to being a lifelong learner, a spiritual seeker and explorer. My "bump" of curiosity occasionally (to my chagrin, amazement and downright astonishment) is still challenging me and sometimes others as well! I began my journey of Spiritual Direction training and certification in 1996. As a perennial student, I am continually taking workshops and art classes. I am a voracious reader. In the summer of 2010, I took a weeklong course at St. Martin's University on "Religion and Violence." I came away with as many questions as I had found answers. In the fall of 2010, I will be completing a four-year study program through The University of the South's School of Theology. I am a trained Certified Enneagram Teacher. The use of the Enneagram personality model has been an integral part of my own spiritual growth and development.

Group Process

For a number of years, I have been the volunteer program director, curriculum designer and supervisor of the Spiritual CareGivers Program at a local hospital. This interfaith program trains lay people to do pastoral care ministry with patients, families and occasionally the hospital staff. It has been a rich, rewarding, challenging experience wherein I have learned more than I have taught. I am a member of a Creativity/Writer's Circle. This group of women has been meeting for a number of years and has launched a poet, who is now reading, recording and publishing her poetry. Two additional women have successfully entered the art world with showings and sales. A third member's work in our group led her to the world of local politics. The Creativity/Writer's Circle is a supportive opening for each of us to explore and seek...to risk, be heard and be "held" as we move forward in our lives and dreams, much like what takes place in Spiritual Direction & Companioning.

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