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The Vision

The Iraq war has been a travesty for both the Iraq people and for the "on ground" soldiers. Much healing is required. True peace will take time and effort. Full reconciliation is in the distant future. Nonetheless, peace and reconciliation is beginning now with individuals and small groups facing the realities and the personal stories of the conflict, which is still happening. People from Iraq and people from the United States are facing each other and sharing the experiences, are working to heal wounds, both physical and psychological. This must grow into political, economic, and international healing.

Given this reality, The Iraq Memorial to Life represents the aspirations for peace and reconciliation within the hearts and souls of all peoples. The Memorial is a silent presence. The silence brings forth the desires for healing within us. No matter what stance one has about the war, no matter what role one plays in this drama, no matter where one comes from, the silence touches the deepest within. The Iraq Memorial to Life is a place of silence to listen.

The memorial will include markers for up to 100,000 deaths for which record keepers have verified the date and place of death of those killed as a result of the invasion of Iraq by coalition forces March 19, 2003. Several sources estimate the loss of life to be over 1,300,000 people. You can learn more about the many sources of information covering the events occurring in Iraq here.

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