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Keith Dublanica

I have lived in Olympia for two decades and Puget Sound region for three. I believe quite strongly in the ability of consensus-derived decision making and inherent values of communities on many levels. I enjoy making and playing music, swimming, biking, getting dirt under my fingernails and visiting exotic and not-so-exotic lands, as long as I am doing so with Alice, my soul-mate for those 30 years, and Jordy the dog. I am a Libra and so I try to achieve balance--but can be thwarted, as this can be a dynamic AND abstract concept-- especially when I have the right side of my brain challenging the left. I advocate natural resource protection for federal, state, local, tribal and NGOs with an emphasis on floodplains, wetlands, and salmon habitat. I wear shorts at least until the first frost, as long as I have a vest and hat.

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