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Info about the Community Sustaining Fund

The Community Sustaining Fund (CSF) provides grant support for progressive, community-oriented projects in Thurston County. Our funding is aimed at creating and sustaining a democratic, just, nonviolent, and ecologically sound society.

CSF was formed in 1987 in response to the lack of funds available for developing and maintaining local social change activities. We support groups and individuals that are actively working to educate and involve this community in challenging and correcting the social, political and economic inequities around us. CSF is a completely volunteer-run organization.

Funding Sources
CSF is supported by businesses and individuals through direct donations or by voluntary markups at the cash register by shoppers at participating businesses.

Grant Applications
CSF grants are awarded on a semi-annual basis in the Spring and Fall. The amount of available grant money does vary from cycle to cycle. Grant applicants are invited to discuss their pending applications with the CSF Board of Directors. Grant making decisions are made immediately following grantee applicant interviews. Written grant criteria, a list of prior awards, and applications are available here.

CSF considers projects which:

  • Are developed and led by residents of Thurston County
  • Operate in a democratic, nondiscriminatory manner which is responsive to the constituency served
  • Actively pursue cultural diversity in group composition
  • Actively work toward a more just and equitable world of ecological and economic balance and personal and social responsibility
  • Commit to using the funds locally

Grants Awarded

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