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New to CoDA?

Welcome to our community of meetings. We encourage you to explore some of the information below and we invite you to come to a meeting - even just to "try it out."

What to expect at a meeting:

Every meeting is unique but one of the important things shared by all 12 Step groups is the format. If you've gone to other 12 Step groups you can expect to feel familiar with the basic 12 Step format you've seen at other meetings. Some meetings will have time for open sharing and other meetings might focus more on step work.

As a newcomer you will likely receive some sort of welcome to the group. You might have questions, feel free to ask your questions before or after the meeting. No one is ever required to speak during a meeting. When people introduce themselves we use our first name only because one of CoDA's traditions in anonymity. This also means that information shared at the meeting should not be discussed outside the meeting.

Generally meetings are five to twenty people. Most meetings discourage "crosstalk" and when someone else is sharing everyone else is quiet and listens to them. Meetings are a safe place to talk about what is on your heart and mind as well as a place to listen to and learn from other people's experiences.


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