Children in Samba Olywa

During Procession of the Species

Procession of the Species is, in large part, an event by and for the children of the Olympia community. However, based on years of experience with dancers and drummers of various ages, Samba Olywa feels it’s in everyone’s best interest to specify some minimum age requirements for participation in this large, strenuous and demanding event. Therefore...

Samba Olywa welcomes children ages 13 and over into Procession of the Species every year. Who else is going to take up the samba banner after we’re all in the Home for Aged Sambistas? That said, here are some considerations to take into account when including children in a public event sure to be crowded, noisy and confusing:

  • Children ages 13 – 15 drumming in the bateria should be with a responsible adult, playing in the same section, who will know the child’s whereabouts at all times. - The adult should be prepared to spend some time with the child, outside of regular rehearsal, to make sure that the groove has been learned.
  • Children 13 – 15 dancing should be with a responsible adult dancer who makes sure that the child learns the dance properly – zigging when the other dancers zag can be dangerous!
  • Children and parents alike should know that samba is physically strenuous – drumming as well as dancing – and carefully assess the child’s ability and stamina with the demands of samba in mind.
  • We will ask parents of participants under 18 to sign a waiver.
  • Exceptions may be made! Please see the drum or dance lead if you feel certain that your young person is ready for the demands of playing or dancing with Samba Olywa.

For children’s drumming opportunities in Olympia, we suggest you contact Sound Kids Drum and Dance:

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