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Here Is Information about Olympia Public Power

The information at this website's "Why Public Power" section explains why a number of people in the Olympia area are volunteering to organize a campaign for a publicly owned electric utility for the City of Olympia. A city-owned electric utility would provide lower rates, public accountability, better reliability, and a quick transition away from fossil fuels that Puget Sound Energy - a giant foreign-owned corporation - currently uses for generating the electricity we use here.

Local folks created an organization - Olympia Public Power - to bring people together to promote the effort for the City of Olympia to replace Puget Sound Energy (PSE) here with a locally owned electric utility that will be owned by the people of Olympia and managed through local democracy.

Olympia Public Power started educating the public in 2019 and is planning to gather enough signatures of Olympia voters during the middle part of 2020 to qualify for Olympia's ballot for the November 2020 election.

When we win that election, the City of Olympia will buy the local assets from PSE and operate a locally owned and locally managed electric utility, as dozens of cities and counties throughout Washington State have been doing successfully for a long time - some for more than a hundred years.

Different kinds of people are helping Olympia Public Power for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Some of us are eager to promptly replace PSE's fossil fuel-generated electricity with renewable, sustainable energy.
  • Some of us support democracy in economic matters instead of being abused by a giant foreign-owned business corporation.
  • Some of us want to reduce our electric bills, which a city-owned utility will do.
  • Some of us want fewer outages and quicker restoration of power after storms.
We are an all-volunteer grassroots effort and rely on voluntary donations.

We meet regularly and are making great progress in a number of ways.

Please e-mail us at olympia.public.power@earthlink.net

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