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Drop Off

  • You can recycle your old computer equipment. We accept any computers, in any condition. There are recycling fees for some of the items.
    • A $10 fee for all monitors,
    • $5 for printers, and
    • $4 for scaners.
  • It would also help us if you didn't leave your Styrofoam with us - Thanks.

Bring your equipment to:

115 Olympia Ave in Olympia, WA
around the corner from the bus station
1pm to 7pm - Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
1pm to 4pm - Sundays
Contact us for other times.

Freegeek is located around the corner from the bus station. A map is available.

  • Remember the recycling fee for all monitors, printers, and scanners - no exceptions.
  • Do you need an explanation of why we need fees?
  • We accept whatever computer equipment you bring us. However, if your computer equipment is older than a Pentium III or Mac G4, or if it is broken, we appreciate a cash donation to cover processing.
  • Truthfully we always appreciate a cash donation!

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