Evening at the Oasis 2014, set #1

Mas Uda with fans - portrait by A Lindland Us with our fans - portrait by A Lindland Mas Uda with baskets - portrait by A Lindland Cecelia - portrait by A Lindland Cindy - portrait by A Lindland Kashani - portrait by A Lindland Mira Mahsati - portrait by A Lindland Sharon - portrait by A Lindland Wee Goth and Cordelia - portrait by A Lindland Whats So Good About Mexico The Wee Goth Shahrazad - in motion Cindy dancing a choreo by Amaya the Urvasi Dance Ensemble Cordelia performing to 'Two Gypsies' Saqra's Raqs el Sehr Shamal Cindy and Kashani at intermission Lou caught Kashani waiting for Act 2 dancing to Henna-circle dancing to our newest choreography - henna dancing to Dere Dere all together now! Mas Uda and Raqs el Sehr Shamal Hasani

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