April 2024

April 6th - morning workshop with Zulaika April 6th - afternoon workshop with Samara April 6th - some of the vending April 6th - the beneficiary table April 6th - posed before the show April 6th - on stage dancing to Ay by Tarkan April 6th - on stage for Dueling Shimmies April 6th - Zanuba April 6th - Zorina April 6th - Aurora April 6th - Sirens of the Salish Sea April 6th - Sukali April 6th - Amalynn April 6th - Diamonds in the Rough April 6th - Marina Zaira April 6th - Samara April 6th - George is a great MC April 6th - Mas Uda posing before the second set April 6th - Mas Uda dancing to Paint It Black April 6th - Mas Uda all in a row April 6th - Mas Uda dancing to Amayaguena April 6th - Mas Uda and fan veils April 6th - Susan April 6th - Sahaila April 6th - Khaleen April 6th - Jeweled Scarab April 6th - Mariana April 6th - Hanan April 6th - Triskelion Trio April 6th - Paulina April 6th - Kashani April 6th - Zulaika April 17th - ready to dance at Olympia High School's Interact Intenational Dinner April 17th - Paint It Black April 17th - Amayaguena April 17th - dueling shimmies April 17th - fan veils

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