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About Us

Heather Taylor has been a commissioned artist for 15 years, creating art for public and private viewing. She has specialized in mural work for medical offices as well as schools, public libraries, state organizations, museums, and city spaces.

Heather works in acrylic for her murals, using watercolor, pen, gold and silver leaf, graphite, pastel, mosaic and collage as required in her public and private work. There are examples of the different mediums and their relative effects on the website.

Commissioned work is collaborative by nature. Please initiate the process and see what beauty unfolds.

B.A. Art History The Evergreen State College, 1993, B.S. in Psychology pending

Major Commissions

  • 1994 Olympia Childrenís Museum
  • 1994 Memorial Clinic
  • 1996 Saint Peterís Hospital (6 x 4í x4í paintings)
  • 1996 Handís On Childrenís Museum
  • 1997 Olympia Pediatrics
  • 1998 Olympia Community School
  • 1999 Black Hills Pediatrics
  • 1999 Olympia Eye Clinic
  • 1999 Olympia Childcare Services
  • 2001 ABC Pediatrics
  • 2002 Northwest Optometry
  • 2002 City of Olympia and Downtown Association
  • 2002 Washington Middle School
  • 2003 South Sound Bank
  • 2003 City of Olympia Salmon Project
  • 2003 Steamboat Island Preschool
  • 2003 Olympia Youth Services
  • 2004 Oakland Bay Pediatrics
  • 2004 Olympia Downtown Library
  • 2004 Healthy Start Pediatrics
  • 2004 Northwest Optometry
  • 2005 Healthy Future Pediatrics
  • 2005 Family Support Center
  • 2004-2007 Griffin Elementary, artwork for each graduating class
  • 1998-2008 Handís On Childrenís Museumóresident muralist
  • 2008 Griffin Elementary School, Squaxin Island Tribal Collaboration
  • 2009 State Agency for Child Welfare, 2 projects, one pending
  • 2009 Spring Art Walk Cover
  • 2009 Healthy Future Pediatrics
  • 2009 Olympia Pediatrics
  • 2009 Family Support Center
  • 2010 Capitol Medical Center
(*)Additional murals, portraits and landscapes for businesses and residences.

Past Gallery Representation in Oregon and Washington
Pegasus Gallery, Corvallis OR and State of the Art Gallery, Olympia WA
(*)Current service project painting iconic mandalas anonymously as fullcirclemandalas.

I have received public commissions from the City of Olympia, Downtown Association, State Agencies, Schools, Nonprofits, Businesses and Charities.

Teaching Experience
15 years teaching art at 8 different public and private schools and private lessons.

I have been in the Olympian 9 times and am currently being published in 4 books to be released, a Northwest Artist publication, 2 child/young adult books and 2 adult books as an illustrator.

Education and Research Experience
I was the equivalent of a 4.0 student at TESC, where I researched a variety of subjects responding in both written and visual form. Transcripts available.

Professional Affiliations
I am a registered womenís business through OMWBE. I use environmentally sensitive paints and have completed 2 LEAD certified buildings, though I am not independently certified. I am part of a women artist cooperative, working with Janice Arnold and Jennifer Kuhns as well as a participant in sustainable green artistry.

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