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Greenpages 2007 - Issue 06

June/July 2007 Issue

President's Message
Olympia Salvage: Giving Old Building Materials New Life
Dioxin Is a Real Risk In Our Sound
Jump In — The Mud’s Great!
An Era of Collaboration
Washington Is a National Leader In Green Building Policy
May Day, May Day!
Earth to America, Come in America
Green Building’s Shining Moment
Growing Green Architecture
Climate Action Day Sends Call to Cut Carbon 80% by 2050
Sidebar: Further Steps to Cut Carbon
Dioxin: A Community Challenge
The Impacts of Mountain Biking on Wildlife and People
The Little House
Ecological Footprint? Ask an Eighth-Grader


Environmental Activist Summit, June 23
Keep Up on Effects of Climate Change in Washington State
Flying Critter Housing and Habitat Tour
Join Oly’s Public Art Movement, June 23!
Garden Rhapsodies: A Tour for All Gardeners
Calling All Leaders for Community Sustainability!
Help the Environment – Wet Wednesdays, South Sound Saturdays!
The Olympia Barter Faire Is Looking for Land!

News Briefs

Composting Center To Divert Waste from Large Producers
Tumwater Unveils Eco-friendly State Office
Residents Decry Plan to Reduce Zoning Density
Washington Joins Climate Registry to Track, Report Greenhouse Gases
Solar Power Plant to Be Built near Ellensburg
Keep Up to Date on Climate Change Efforts Online
Utility Asks Olympia to Put Off Review of Proposed Power Plant
Pacific Northwest ports align to reduce maritime air emissions
Budd Inlet plan available for review online
State organic farm acreage up 40 percent, sales up 32 percent
Everett council approves rules for 'green' buildings

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