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Commingled & Curbside in Thurston County

A new curbside recycling program is rolling out in Thurston County. (This program does not affect service in Olympia or Rainier, and the program is under consideration in Bucoda.)

Many LeMay customers have received their new commingled recycling containers, and LeMay has already collected from four routes using the new bins this week. Not counting the glass, which is now separated, the routes have seen increases of between 30-60%!

While you may wonder how you will ever fill such a huge container, residents in other counties that have switched to this program have been surprised at how quickly they fill it. Give the standard 96-gallon recycling container a try for a sufficient period of time in order to fully evaluate it. If you realize that the size just doesn't work for you, your first bin exchange will be made at no charge.

The monthly recycling collection charge is the same for all of the different sizes of containers, so there is no financial benefit for reducing the recycling container size. However, if you do a great job of recycling, you can reduce your trash service level, which will save you money.

For more information and answers to common questions, visit http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/wwm/index.htm You can also contact Terri Thomas, Thurston County Solid Waste Education and Outreach Specialist, at mailto:thomaste@co.thurston.wa.us or 360-754-2896.

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