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GRuB: Breaking Cycles of Poverty through Good Food For All People

By Anna Robinson & The GRuB Staff

We want to end hunger in our community within 10 years and we know it can be done. We've got a plan, we've got the know-how, and we've developed partnerships to help us get there, but we still need community support.

Although sustaining our global community through hunger relief programs is a worthy investment, for less than $1/day GRuB can provide a local family with the means to grow over $500 worth of fresh produce right in their own backyard.

Since 1993, with the hard work of staff, volunteers, and GRuB teens, the Kitchen Garden Project has built over 1,900 free backyard gardens in Thurston & Mason counties.

In 2006:

  • We built 74 gardens which fed over 300 low-income people (43 percent children);
  • 27 percent of our total gardens served single mothers and 29 percent served people with special needs;
  • 68 percent of our total gardens served clients who receive food stamp assistance and/or frequently utilize the food bank and 52 percent of recipients reported using the food bank less after receiving their garden; and
  • 92 percent of recipients reported eating more fresh vegetables each week and 87 percent gave food away to friends and neighbors. -}

    The Terry Family

    This past spring, through our Kitchen Garden Project, GRuB built a free backyard garden for the Terry family. At the end of the season, we received this letter from them:
    "We would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to everyone at GRuB for their awesome program and willingness to always help us in growing our own raised-bed gardens! What a great idea it is to teach people in need to grow their own gardens! We were just amazed at how much we could plant in just three beds! We would love to see this program continue and even expand, to help families learn how to help themselves by growing their own fruits, veggies, and herbs, and see how rewarding it is to see the results (and the taste is unbelievably delicious!). This program is also allowing us to bless others with the surplus. We could never thank you enough for this opportunity! We're hooked for life!"
    -- The Terry Family, 2006 KGP Garden Recipients

    With the expansion of our farm in west Olympia, we found ourselves in need of extra help keeping up with the demands of the land. The Terrys learned of our need and stepped up in a huge way. They have a landscaping business and pledged to donate their services to us. Every other Friday, they serve as our lawn care stewards. For the Terry Family, this is an opportunity to support us in a unique and needed way, just as the GRuB family supported them.

    Community Builds

    In addition to the individual family gardens we build each year, we also built five community gardens for local organizations serving seniors and children in 2006. Our partners included Save Our County's Kids (SOCK), Saratoga Springs Senior Community, and the Plymouth St. Senior Community.

    This spring, in partnership with City of Olympia, TOGETHER!, and the USDA we'll be building a 5,000 square-foot community garden in Sunrise Park on the westside of Olympia. This garden will allow 40- plus individuals and/or families to enjoy the nutrition, self-sufficiency and pride that comes with growing food for oneself and one's family. Seventy-five percent of these garden plots are reserved for low-income individuals.

    We're so proud of the work we've done: We've heard back from the families we've served and we know the impact is real and appreciated. What continues to drive us though is the knowledge that 1,900 families is just a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of people who face hunger each day in our community.

    Give a Garden, Get a Garden...GRuB's Fundraising & Giving Gardens

    This spring, you can support GruB by purchasing a garden for yourself, which allows GRuB to build a matching garden for a local family in need. GRuB will visit your home and plan your new garden with you. It will include: three 4 x 8 foot raised-beds, a trellis, fertile soil, seeds, starts, and a Growing Guide. The total cost is $600, which includes a $300 tax-deductible donation as GRuB is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

    If you don't need your own garden, but want to make it possible for someone else to receive one, you can make a $300, tax-deductible donation (or a donation of a garden share in the amount of your choice) to build a garden for a local family. GRuB will provide you with a certificate thanking you for your gift. You can also make the donation in someone else's name - a very meaningful gift for a friend or loved one.

    For more information, please contact GRuB: 360-753-5522 http://www.goodgrub.org mailto:grub@goodgrub.org

    Anna Robinson is a staff member of Garden-Raised Urban Bounty.

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