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Eastside Community Garden Wants Members

By Charles Adler

The Olympia Community Garden promotes a sense of community, and we always welcome new members!

The Olympia Community Garden provides individual garden plots as well as tools, water, mulch, and some soil amendments. Plots are gardened organically. The community garden collectively shares dwarf apple trees, Asian pear trees, and raspberries. Plantings include kale and broccoli, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, flowers, corn and lettuce, among others.

People with limited or no garden space - or those who simply prefer community gardening - are always welcome to make use of this great resource. Plots are available for a small fee and a commitment to garden the space.

We have great work parties. At one point, a wood-fired pizza oven was in attendance.

Members grapple with various logistical issues while sharing their knowledge and a common interest in gardening. Of course, there are always different approaches to digging, mulching, pest and weed control, amendments, spacing, and every other aspect of plant culture. The Garden is located on the Eastside at 13th and Central, not far from the former Procession warehouse. We have community compost piles, cardboard and sawdust paths, and fences to protect plots from the deer. Gardeners and neighbors alike enjoy the rich biodiverisity of this site.

It is motivating and inspiring to see how your neighbors' gardens are doing. Practicing the art of growing food has been an essential human activity for thousands of years, and it is important that people try their hand at and keep this practice alive!

Prospective members can call 786-0143.

Charles Adler is an organizing member of the Olympia Community Garden.

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