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You & Me to the VBC!

Citizens, natural builders, and activists are coming together to help neighborhoods design and build their own community amenities for Portland City Repair's Village Building Convergence 7, held in Portland from May 18 through 27.

We all love Oly, but get your tails down to Portland for some serious, hands-on community building! The VBC offers an array of work party projects smattered all over Portland to choose from, a bundle of daily workshops to attend that are led by various super-pros, and a chance to intermingle with like-minded folks and get inspired! All of this is free of charge to participants - yes, FREE!

You've just got to call up your friends in Portland for a place to crash. Alternatively, City repair has a variety of housing and meal packages to accommodate your stay (for whatever length of time you're able to plan for), at a reasonable cost. Whatever you do, save up a bit of cash so that you can attend nightly entertainment that includes live music, dancing, and speakers.

The VBC 7 theme is "7 Generations Beyond: A 200-Year Story of Portland!" and each day will focus on one component that will shape that 200-year story, including Food, Water, Shelter, Energy, Placemaking, Humanity/Communication, Indigenous Culture, Decision-making/Council, Democracy/Participation, Transportation, and Information.

The Village Builder will be published and available prior to VBC7, and includes information and locations for all projects, workshops, and City Repair sponsored events and entertainment.

For more information, including housing/meal plans and prices, visit http://www.cityrepair.org/wiki.php/projects/vbc7 If you have questions, please contact Yveline Wilnau, VBC Organizer/Placemaking Coordinator at 503-235-8946. If you are interested in helping to organize the VBC, contact Maralena Murphy, VBC Volunteer Coordinator, at 617-406-8299.

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