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Children's Band One of my dreams is to start a Children's Music Band. I wrote the following to explain why this band is important to me and you.

Mission statement

Children's band

The reason why I'm building a children's band is because of one thing, and that's for the love of kids everywhere, and for the love of music, and for the fun of it. Age won't matter. Kids songs are reminding us the things we do in life like having fun, having friends and the ability to learn. The songs we sing are for kids, parents, and teachers alike. The power of music and love brings us together, singing the songs through rounds, chants, silly, bible, action, worship, jump roping, ball bouncing, classics, and finger plays. It's how we communicate with our world around us. Let me be your friend, so we can learn from each other through music and song. I know that my song list maybe big, but with our combine friendship we can do anything. Please help me to build this band, so I can help you to be young at heart and my friend.
Thank you.

Dylan Kuehl the drummer

Co-op Volunteering Is For Everyone

by Adrian A Smith

Dylan Kuehl is 25 years old and a lifelong Olympia, WA resident. He has been a volunteer at the Olympia Food Co-Op for 7 years. For that time his volunteer work has been an invaluable part of his life. Dylan is one of a handful of assisted volunteers at the co-op; he lives with Down syndrome... more

Dare to Move

by Adam Membrey

"One of the Guys" - loganmagazine.com

A Business to Call His Own - The Story Behind DK Arts

by Jim Corey with Dylan Kuehl and Terri Rose
Feb 1, 2009

From EP Global Communications

Student Spotlight, Dylan Kuehl, an Inspiration

by Kenny Bahl/ Sounds Staff

Dylan Kuehl might seem like a kid you've seen a hundred times on campus. He is the kind of student you don't really talk to, or maybe the kind of person you are nervous to be around. However, Dylan Kuehl is not your typical student, and he is definitely not what most people think of when they meet someone with Down syndrome. He is a person who has dreams and goals just like the rest of us, and strives for people to understand that... more

The heart of an artist

Olympian, The (WA), September 3, 2006

Transcending, Darkness into Movement, Color and Verse

by Peter Gross

Dylan is a visionary. He dreams big and asks when and how, rather than thinking never. He has found light and happiness from a place of darkness and tears. His story brings hope and inspiration for others to reach for their dreams and to let nothing stop them from finding peace and comfort... more

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