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The Northwest Detention Center Solidarity Vigils

Every third Saturday of the month, a team of volunteers from Bridges Not Walls and members of the community carpool to the NWDC to offer support and solidarity to families and friends visiting loved ones inside. We provide coffee, food, conversation, and legal resources. Many people face long drives home, long waits inside the detention center, and emotionally trying no-contact visits. By holding these vigils, we let immigrant families and those visiting know that we do not condone the Northwest Detention Center and that there is compassion in the community for individuals and families regardless of documentation status. We advocate comprehensive immigration reform that respects human rights, dignity, and family cohesion. Carpool departs at 11:15 am from the Olympia Rafah Mural.


But if unable to attend these vigils, you can help by donating food, coffee, tea, or other items. For more information, please contact Jamie Alwine at jamie.alwine@gmail.com.

Past Events

Contact us at our email: mailto:bridgesnotwalls@riseup.net
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