Second Generation
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"what path are you on..."

Second Generation: our struggle for peace after war

is about stolen childhoods and our timeless struggle to re-connect the severed links of a broken spirit.

"You say we should never forget; but what we are supposed to remember?"

When her father strangely disappears,, Rina bat Levi is miraculously guided into a discovery of a past she never knew. Based on a true story, this child of survivors stumbles upon over five thousand relatives when she knew of only five.

Uncovering stories of those who risked their lives under the Nazi regime, she encounters the present day Kinder-transport, with a missing painting; her original music connects her to a famous composer and a playwright, as she explores what it means to return to the place of your heritage in the here and now.

But while Hitler's direct assault on humanity ended in 1945, the effects of war in hate, guilt and fear have traversed continued generations, marking both victims and their aggressors. Linked through music, art and stories, and with real life footage, the deep rooted links between the children of abused and those of the abusers are also unveiled in a universal quest for healing.

Hidden traits of caring, resourcefulness and creativity are shared through an action packed journey about our struggle to find where we belong and the natural connections bringing us home to our source.

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