It is time for each of us to face our personal responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the climate crisis, and the crisis of democracy."
Vandana Shiva

Kunekunes: The Little Green Pigs

Kunekune pigs are medium-sized, rare heritage hogs known for their ability to fatten on grass alone. Sometimes called the "little pioneer pigs", Kunekunes are the perfect pig for the small farm, hobby farmer, or as part of any sustainable farming enterprise.

Kunekunes have long been prized for their placid nature, their tendency not to root, roam, or challenge fences, and the quality of the meat and fat.

The primary advantage to raising a slow growing pig is that they can gain weight on much lower inputs than commercial breeds.

The main objective of our breeding program is to provide healthy hardy piglets for those interested in food independence. The primary goals of our breeding program are:

  • temperament
  • health
  • conformation
  • genetic diversity

Since we live in the Northwest where the ground is wet a large part of the year, we breed for short noses to discourage any turning of the soil.

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