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Breed Standards

Breed Standards

The American Kune Kune Breeders Association has developed standards for breeders and buyers of Kune Kune Pigs.

Desirable Traits:

Head: Broad with a dished face, short to medium snout (short preferred), teeth suitable for grazing.

Ears: Pricked or semi-lop

Wattles: Two, well formed and well attached, evenly placed

Neck: Short to medium, medium to heavy jowl

Body: Shoulders level and in proportion to rump, chest moderately wide between the legs, well formed hams in proportion to shoulders

Back: Strong level or slightly arched

Tail: Set high, held in curl or straight (curled preferred)

Legs: Straight, well set, short in proportion to length of body, pasterns short and springy

Feet: Strong, closed and even with consideration of pig's age and size

Skin and Hair: Healthy coat of any color and texture

Sexual Characteristics: Females should have a feminine look, at least 10 evenly spaced teats. Males should exhibit masculine characteristics and have at least 10 evenly spaced teats

Temperament: Placid/gentle in nature

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