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Kayla Olson: Salsa de Olympia Owner/Instructor

Growing up I spent much of my time after school tumbling, leaping, and twirling around in a leotard. I pretty much lived in bare feet, jazz, tap, and ballet shoes! It was this love of dance that later lead me to venture into the world of Latin dance. For several years I performed with the Salsa de Cuba dance team in the Olympia and surrounding areas, in both partner and group dances.

In 2012, after many years dancing with Salsa de Cuba, I purchased the business and began teaching classes in Olympia. Since I was already a certified Washington State Elementary teacher, my transition from Salsa student to Salsa teacher felt very natural. The combination of both things I love, dancing and teaching, has been so rewarding and I am thrilled to share my passion!

When I am on the dance floor, Salsa's flow of energy between partners and its fun, social aspect continues to captivate me. My favorite favorite feeling is hearing the sound of Latin beats with their array of instruments pounding through the speakers and getting the overwhelming urge to move with the music. Through my dancing and teaching I hope to help people recognize their bodies' capability of expressing emotions, while helping them gain the skills and confidence to experience the excitement of Salsa.

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