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FIFA Rules / SWSA Rules

Did you know all the ways that SWSA modifies the FIFA Rules so that you can better enjoy you soccer games? What follows is a quick review. We also intend to make up some cards with these differences printed on them for review with the referees prior to our games. If you have any feedback or suggestions please make sure your SWSA Board hears it!

FIFA Rules: FIFA rules generally apply, with particular emphasis on curbing foul language. SWSA recognizes some exceptions to FIFA rules, as noted below.

Uniforms: Players must wear a numbered, color-matched shirt acceptable to both the referee and the opposing team. The 'home' team, as shown on the schedule, has the responsibility to change in the case of a uniform conflict.

Game Start: There is an up to 15-minute grace period to field a team of at least 7 players. However, at the referee's discretion, the game clock may start at the scheduled game time.

Substitutions: SWSA allows unlimited substitution but they may only be made when the ball is out of play and in your team's possession or for either team following a goal or prior to a goal-kick. Exception: For Coed Recreation only, 'free' substitution is allowed, where players may substitute for each other without the permission of the referee.

  • In any case substitutions are at the discretion of the referee.
  • No more than three (3) substitutes at any one time.
  • Substitutes should enter/leave the field near the centerline.
  • If play is stopped due to player injury, the injured player must be substituted for and leave the field.
  • Players cautioned (yellow card) must be immediately substituted, but they may re-enter the game at a later time.

Special Rules For Coed:

  • Slide tackles are not allowed. A caution (yellow card) will be given for the first offense, ejection (red card) for a second offense. The rule applies to all players, including the goalkeeper.
  • A team may have no more than 6 players of either gender on the field. This rule holds regardless of the total number of players on the field or the players' positions.

Other Rules:

  • Rule on knee or other braces, they must be covered to make them safe to be around.
  • SWSA expects that all referees will attempt to eliminate all "dissent"

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