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SWSA Player Pickup List

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gendernameYr/Mon signed upphone1phone2o18o30o40notes
femaleAshley Brocious2018-11360-810-7042360-810-7042yes30 years old and a tad rusty.I used to play on school teams, select soccer, and intramural at WSU. I have been playing rugby for the last few years and would love to get back into soccer. Thanks!
femaleAubrey Smith2018-07360-528-9962yesI am 18 and have played rec league and select soccer for over 11 years and had to stop because of multiple concussions. I'm looking for a semi-competitive team that likes to win but won't go all out because I have not played in a couple of years.
femaleAva Star2018-12646-942-1394646-942-1394yesyesyesI am available anytime. Feel free to text my cell 646-942-1394.
femaleBrittney Dickinson2018-07360-520-0448360-520-0448yesLooking to play whenever a team is in need of a goalie or defender
femaleJennifer Wojciechowski2018-09206-419-6168206-419-6168yes
femaleJocelyn Giammalva2018-12503-702-4731503-702-4731yesI just moved to the area, and I am looking to find a team to start playing with again. I played college and for the state of WA.
femaleSarah2018-10707-490-4445707-490-4445yesI played soccer for 20 years, played throughout college until I had a knee injury that ended my competitive play. Now 26, definitely rusty but still know how to play. Have experience in all field positions, played wing in college.
femaleSavahn Rosinbum2018-10206-661-7198206-661-7198yesyesReturning to soccer after a hiatus since my teen years. In good running shape at least. Would love to play!
femaleSherri Keene2018-10253-226-8901yesI currently play over 40. I am 36. I am looking for an over 30 team to get some additional play time. I have played for 4 years. I primarily play left or right defense, but I can play outside mid. I am still learning center and I'm okay at forward depending on how competitive the other team is. Please let me know if you are looking for females. Thank you.
maleAllen2018-08253-426-9225253-426-9225yesyesStarted picking up on a team this season but looking for something permanent next session. Been playing soccer my whole life. I have a current player card.
maleAmine Saber2018-09360-791-3410yesyesyes
maleAnthony Waldrop2018-10661-619-5748yes
maleAsher Einhorn2018-08708-595-1062708-595-1062yesI am new to the state and am hoping to meet some friends! I played soccer throughout high-school on a highly competitive team, and also played intramural throughout college. I would love to join a team if anyone needs an extra player
maleCarlos Gumercindo Barco2018-09253-219-1556yes
maleChase Hansen2019-01360-584-0295360-584-0295yesI'm a striker or a keeper
maleCole Ceperich2018-10804-822-0929804-822-0929yesI've been playing soccer my whole life. I am a relatively skilled player just looking to play after a few months off and relocating. Willing to play any position, even keeper. I can be a very vocal player who can help contribute to the team.
maleDan Shankland2018-08503-265-9304yesyesyesLooking for a team to join since a recent move to the area. Can play with an over thirty or over forty club.
maleDavid Gaw2019-01360-292-2452360-292-2452yesyes
maleEliverto larios2019-02509-305-4244509-305-4244yes
maleErik Kiffe2018-07805-490-0390805-490-0390yes23, played competitively in high school, recreationally in college. Hoping to play ASAP!
maleGreg Ledwon2018-07907-360-2522907-360-2522yesyesHaven't played in a long time. Can run with the best of them.
maleHarry Pieterson2019-03225-907-9393yesI can play either wings, a central attacker and false 9
maleInder Atwal2018-09360-224-9658360-224-9658yes
maleJason Nelson2018-11360-451-0072360-451-0072yesI'm interested in joining a team. I thought I was on a team for winter but they were all full, and I already have WSASA card.
maleJeff Meacham2018-08808-286-3923808-286-3923yesPlayed soccer all my life, moved here about a year ago and looking for a team to get on
maleJeffrey Nedrow2018-07360-915-9711803-210-6609yesWould like to play. Best phone to call or text is the 803-210-6609 number. Thank you.
maleJonah Hevland2018-07360-789-9768360-789-9768yes
maleJonathan Solis2018-08361-779-1305361-779-1305yesI'd like to be included in the fall schedule please
maleJordan Lloyd2018-09801-386-1178yesPlayed keeper growing up for 7 years. I have not played competitively since high school.
maleJose Aguilar2018-08360-701-1074yes
maleJoshua C Bryant2018-09360-529-2156yesyesHaven't played in some time but I love the game and just trynna get my ass off the couch.
maleKaran Sharma2018-09360-556-5904360-556-5904yes
maleKirk Kelly2019-01360-753-3389360-245-6163yesyes
maleLaith Yahya2018-08832-419-0123yesyesI have been playing soccer since I was a kid and now I'm 30. I receimived here and I need to find a team to play soccer on regular basis again. Thank you
maleLaith Yahya2018-09832-419-0123832-419-0123yesyesI have been playing soccer since i was a kid and i moved to Olympia recently and I want to play soccer again
maleLiam Collins2018-12860-964-0105860-964-0105yesI'm 20, have played most of my life, love the beautiful game, am free most of the time!
maleLuis Calle2018-10719-646-9611719-646-9611yesMoving to area Oct 2018. Looking for team, have been playing for over 35 years. 42y/o
maleMatthew Miller2018-10360-570-8863yesI mainly play goalkeeper. I am still in high school and do play for Tumwater High School (so I can't play during the Spring season). But I'm available the rest of the time.
maleMiguel Medina2018-12425-501-2217425-501-2217yesJust moved to the area, and am looking to find a team to start playing again. Played college and for the state of WA.
maleMike Haugsven2018-10206-412-8063206-412-8063yesLooking for a team to play with for the Winter season or partial fall season if possible.
maleMilt Crafton2018-07206-225-7929206-225-7929yesGoal Keeper. 7 years playing at A and B level mens over 50.
maleMoricio Castro2018-10253-468-9952253-468-9952yes
maleNate Chase2018-09425-457-0116425-457-0116yesHey, I'm new to the area and looked to play. I can run really fast!
maleOla Shaba2018-08347-652-5246yesLooking into getting a soccer team where I can play and put my skill into use.
malePeter McNamara2018-09615-715-2282yesJust moved to Olympia. Out of practice for a while, but played competitively through college. 27 year old looking to make some friends and stretch the legs.
maleRiley Winters2018-08360-878-2876yesI?ve been playing soccer sense I was 2 years old I haven?t played in about a year sense I graduated high school but I was on varsity and played for black hills a team along with Washington premier. I also played for the Papp surf academy soccer team. I can play any position on the field although I'm not the biggest fan of keeper, but I'm not horrible at it.female
maleRiley Winters2018-12360-878-2876360-878-2876yesI've played soccer for a long time I started when I was two and played tell I graduated high school, I was on the u18 state team when I was a senior, and I?m early years I played for blackhills fc, and Washington premier, I still coach a u14 boys team there season just ended. So I?m looking for a team to play for to fill my time.
maleSamten Thinlay2018-07612-248-3089612-248-3089yes
maleSean Bebo2018-09253-820-5698253-820-5698yesPlayed soccer growing up and havent played since high school but want to get back into it for some fun and to keep me busy. I?m 26 years old.
maleSoren Engstrom2018-09307-277-2200307-277-2200yesAll state keeper in High School.
maleTodd Hoonan2018-10360-305-6788360-305-6788yesyesForward/ midfielder or I can play anywhere
maleTrevor Million2018-11915-471-6965915-471-6965yesNew to the Lacey/Olympia area. Played soccer competitively until mid-college (DIII). 27 years old, military at JBLM. Free most weeknights and weekends.
maleTyler Blackwell2018-08360-878-7586yesyes34 years old. Played 4 years varsity soccer, captain. Was in Olympic Development Program as a teenager. Didn't play college but it was available. Strong player, prefer midfield/forward but can play all positions but goalie.
maleTyler Blackwell2018-08360-878-7586yesyes34 years old. Played 4 years varsity soccer, captain. Was in Olympic Development Program as a teenager. Didn't play college but it was available. Strong player, prefer midfield/forward but can play all positions but goalie.
maleWalter Smith2018-07206-428-8536yesyesI am hoping to keep practicing and have a good time.

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