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Making an Insurance Claim

When an affiliated player in good standing (card is current and not suspended) is injured during an affiliated game, here is the correct procedure for filing an insurance claim.

The player must first call the WSASA office at 425/485-7855 with the following information: name, address, telephone number, player ID number, team name, league name (i.e.: SWSA), date of injury, type of injury, and field location. The WSASA office staff will verify that the player is currently registered and in good standing with the WSSA. The office will then send the injured player a claim form to be completed by the player and returned to the WSASA office. This additional information is verified and the claim is forwarded to the insurance company.

At this point the insurance company will be in direct contact with the player. The process can take time as one person does the claims for all players in all of the states. Please note that this insurance is secondary insurance; the player must file a claim through his/her primary carrier first. (This insurance does become the primary carrier if the injured player does not have a primary insurance company.) There is a $400 deductible that must be paid by the player and the limit is $5,000.

When there is an injury during a match, please insure that the referee indicates the injury on the game sheet. Try to get a copy of this report for your records.

Please call the WSASA office for additional information.

Cindy Mitalas

Washington State Adult Soccer Association

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