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If you are trying to save money the new state law allows you can take e-waste to a number of places for free. However, their process will be to 'grind' them up for the recycling only. OlyGeek charges a small fee, to help us make rent, but we try our best to reuse the donations. We give free working computers to non-profits and to folks who volunteer with us. We also have very inexpensive computers and parts for sale. We are an all volunteer organization that tries to make rent with donations, retail sales, and money we get from the metals we do recycle.

Welcome to the wonderful world of 'free' computers.

  • Do you have old computers around taking up room? Bring them to us and we will get them going and give them a new life.
  • Are you a non-profit and need computers or help? Give us a call and see what we can do for you.
  • Do you just need a computer? Volunteer with us and earn one!
  • Don't have time to volunteer? If we have extra computers, we sell them cheap!
  • Are you an individual who wants to know how computers work? Get involved with us and learn a lot.
  • We are all volunteers and currently are open
    • 1pm to 7pm on Mondays (sometimes, call ahead)
    • 1pm to 7pm on Tuesdays (guaranteed)
    • 1pm to 7pm on Wednesdays (sometimes, call ahead)
    • 1pm to 7pm on Thursdays (guaranteed)
    • 1pm to 7pm on Fridays (sometimes, call ahead)
    • 1pm to 7pm on Saturdays (guaranteed)
    • 1pm to 4pm on Sundays (guaranteed)
    • Call at other times to see if someone is there to let you in.
    • To find us a map is available.

Thank you!

Current Messages

There are some vintage Apple 512s here, come in and make an offer!!

...more info to come...

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