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It is time, as women, to recognize the magnificent gift we are, release the past that limits our gifts, and walk in our Divine beauty. Not in a grandiose way, but in a way that embodies compassion, wisdom and grace. We need a safe and sacred space to cultivate our creative power, clear out what no longer serves us and emerge feeling nourished, revitalized and at home in our body.

The Shakti Sanctuary is a nine week series dedicated to the unfolding, blossoming and strengthening of our creative force, our Shakti. This class will utilize Kundalini yoga as a path to awaken, strengthen, and support our body, the Temple and vehicle of Shakti. Jessica will guide us into our bodies and our breath, and she will invite you to connect with your inner most truth, your divinity, and your beautiful radiance! We will allow this ancient yogic science to balance our bodies, minds and spirits in healing and miraculous ways.

Jessica has been a practicing body-worker for 12 years, trained in Hatha yoga, Yoga Trance Dance with Shiva Rea, and Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She has a passion for recognizing women's innate wisdom and gifts along with experience in the art of feminine embodiment and sacred sexuality. The group will laugh yet also go deep, and 'get real' in a safe, loving environment. We will together create a loving sanctuary where all of you is welcome.

Women's Kundanlini Yoga and Meditation 9 week Shakti Sanctuaries: Thursdays 5:30 pm and Fridays 9:00 am. Early Registration suggested as space is limited to 9 women. Contact Jessica for more information.

Goddess Unfolding: Private feminine embodiment and healing sessions

In the safe space of Wisteria Moon studio or the comfort of your own home, you can receive inspiration, guidance, and practical tools to bloom your heart's fullest expression. We will integrate movement, body-work, yoga, nutrition, chanting, meditation, and feminine spiritual practices to weave together a session that is uniquely your own. You will leave feeling radiant from within and embodied in your feminine essence. Together we will create a plan that will continue to support your opening and healing process.

You could also gather with friends and have your own private class, designed specifically for your group. This opportunity will be a deeply bonding, heart-opening, memorable, and nourishing gift to both you and your 'sisters'. Women have chosen to celebrate birthdays, showers and life-transitions in this way.

We have both masculine and feminine qualities within us but this culture generally favors the masculine, goal-oriented way of being. We need to balance these energies. A profound teaching I learned and experienced first hand when studying with David Deida and Sofia Diaz is that the Feminine opens and grows through pleasure, play, and praise. How can we embody this basic and simple way of being and allow ourselves to truly feel and enjoy life?

I, personally, was so shut down that I didn't even know how to play. I felt too repressed, shy, and afraid to let down my guard enough to allow that free flow of energy. I could hardly enjoy receiving pleasure, since I didn't really know what was truly pleasurable to me. And if someone gave me any kind of praise, I had an amazing number of ways to deflect it. It felt like a threat to be truly seen, although that is what I yearned for most deeply.

In this practice, we open the Temple doors to our radiant hearts and gently allow the flow of Love to heal and nourish us. We begin to awaken our inherent gifts. From this surrendered place, we feel the gift of Love we bring to the world just by simply 'being'.. We no longer feel threatened or need to prove our dignity and value. We learn to listen to and trust our bodies. When we allow ourselves to relax into the space of "non-doing" and "not knowing", we are filled with a radiance that is both healing to ourselves and to the world.

This can be a life-long journey and practice. We have many layers and deeply engrained habits --either self-created out of pure survival, or passed down to us through the generations. We also face the challenges, images, and fears of our society. So, it is easy to feel as if you are not getting anywhere and that you are up against the world sometimes. Together we can help you receive support, healing, guidance and time in order to become your radiant self..

I bow to your feminine essence, the beautiful Goddess radiating from within you!


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