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Pregnancy Yoga and Conscious Birthing

Jessica has been trained by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and other gifted birthing specialists at Golden Bridge Yoga in the Khalsa Way Conscious Birthing and Pre-natal Yoga system. This deeply caring system will help to prepare parents mentally, physically, and spiritually for every challenge they meet on the greatest adventure of their lives. Through elevating our own consciousness and opening our hearts, we are able to welcome and support these beautiful conscious new beings coming on to the planet, and in this way, we can shift the energy on planet Earth towards peace and loving kindness.

Class and Workshops consist of the following:

  • Conscious breathing, meditations, mantras (chants and songs) and mudras (hand positions) to help meet the changes of pregnancy and for deepening the connection to your baby.
  • Prenatal yoga that is safe, gentle and feels good for Mother and Baby!
  • 'Keep up' exercises which help us to conquer the mind and any other aspect of ourselves that says "we can't do it" and strengthens our confidence in our ability to open and move beyond our perceived limitations.
  • Partner exercises to create a sense of sisterhood and support for one another.
  • Dancing, singing, sharing our stories and celebrating our creative power together.
  • Gong relaxations which resonate with the sound of the womb and help to clear out stagnant energies making more room for new growth and transformation.

As a Woman Lives, So Shall She Birth

Rebirthing Ourselves Happy Healthy and Holy

Happiness is our birthright and many of us, through experiencing traumatic births and growing up in a society that markets happiness through consumerism rather than accepting it as a natural way of life, have lost touch and/or disconnected from our innate state of being. The ancient and time-tested technology of Kundalini Yoga offers an opportunity to re-birth ourselves and come back home to our true essence finding health, happiness and holiness are and have always been inside of us. More than simply techniques, Kundalini Yoga is an invitation to re-create and vastly improve our way of life through connecting with our inner Truth, our intuition and through re-building or simply strengthening our relationship with the Creator, Divine Mother and Father and all of life. From this empowered and embodied place, we can gracefully and confidently set out to be who we were born to be!
Sat Nam!

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