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Facts on the Railroad and Port Use

Who owns the railroad tracks that run through downtown?

Union Pacific Railroad owns the tracks from the mainline all the way to Port Property.

What is the relationship between the Port, the city, and the use of the tracks?

The Federal Rail Administration/Dept. of Transportation has jurisdiction. Union Pacific is responsible for maintaining the tracks through town until it hits Port Property about 1.5 blocks south of the marine terminal.

How are they currently being used by the Port?

The Port is loading railcars for shipments from China, averaging about 100 railcars a month.

Are these the same tracks that would be used to transport coal if coal exports ever come through Thurston County?

No. Those trains (if they come this way) would remain on the mainline (about 7 miles south of Olympia) and never come into town.

Questions by Janine Unsoeld and answers provided by Kathleen White, Communications & Government Relations Manager, 360.528.8012, www.PortOlympia.com

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