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2013 SPEECH Membership Survey Results

Former SPEECH interns Hildi Flores and Kevin Petrie developed the following questions and recently conducted an informal telephone survey of SPEECH members. If you were not contacted, please feel free to contact SPEECH with your answers to these questions. The following is a sampling of responses:

Why have you been a SPEECH/ Green Pages member?

  • Important for the community, elected officials, and anyone involved in politics.
  • Delivers "hardcore environmental advocacy" and information the mainstream does not.
  • Intelligently written and researched.
  • The perspective and reporting needs to be supported. -}

    How did you first hear about SPEECH and the Green Pages?

    • Saw newspaper around town
    • General community
    • Storefront
    • Interviewed for an article
    • Gita Moulton
    • Member since the beginning -}

      What does the word "environment" mean to you/what does it encompass?

      • Everything around us
      • Supporting life; the way we affect conditions of life
      • Air, water, and soil quality
      • Ourselves as part of other organisms
      • Natural resource management
      • Landscape
      • Quality of life
      • Taking actions to preserve its functional and pleasurable qualities. -}

        Are there environmental issues you would like us to cover that you haven't seen covered by the Green Pages; or of which you would like to see more coverage?

        • Cover issues very well
        • Coal trains
        • Toxicology: dumping medicines in municipal water/prescription drug recycling
        • Bioremediation in Puget Sound
        • Ecological concerns in Puget Sound
        • Creosote logs in Budd Inlet
        • Hanging gardens/guerilla gardens
        • Shellfish
        • Endangered Species
        • Shoreline issues
        • Isthmus
        • Water and land issues
        • Organic and local food
        • GMO and heritage seeds
        • The effects of ambient light and sound on ecosystems
        • Updates on local groups fighting climate change
        • Progress on cleaning up Puget Sound
        • Updates on past issues and what has been accomplished
        • More well-researched reporting; often serves as a soapbox for opinions -}

          Should we continue to focus on traditional environmental issues or expand to cover a wider array of issues?

          • Only if it doesn't deplete other coverage
          • Fills an important niche, don't want to see a mission drift
          • Human Health
          • Homelessness
          • Include synopses of smaller articles
          • Raise issues with the legislature -}

            Where would you receive news on local environmental issues if the Green Pages ceased to exist?

            • Environmental organizations
            • KAOS
            • Library, national publications
            • Works in Progress
            • Local blogs
            • Emailing lists
            • Olympian
            • EnviroTalk
            • GrowthTalk
            • Internet
            • Word of mouth
            • Fills a unique niche, nothing like it -}

              Do you have any suggestions to make our content more accessible to the Greater Olympia community, via social media or expanded distribution?

              • Community Outreach
              • Promote Projects
              • Working with local groups
              • Appreciate the print publication
              • Distribute more widely in the community, not a lot of people know about it
              • Distribute geographically, up to Seattle, around state -}

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