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Sustainability Summit: Unleashing Our Creative Genius!


The Alliance For Community Transition-South Sound (ACT-SS) announces the Sustainability Summit: Unleashing Our Creative Genius! This event will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2012, 9:00 a.m. 4 p.m. at South Puget Sound Community College. David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World, Agenda for a New Economy and The Great Turning, will be a keynote speaker.

The summit's goal is to explore sustainability as we begin the process of building local resilience in the face of expected changes brought on by economic instability, climate change, and energy depletion. Organizers hope this summit will be a launch pad for the kind of engagement and networking that is important for sharing knowledge that can turn into meaningful action!

Many booths will serve to showcase the wide range of those currently working to promote sustainable approaches, including local businesses, local and state public service agencies and individual specialists with various skill sets. Various "work groups" will allow attendees to discuss the issues and be inspired to continue developing their ideas well beyond the summit.

It is in a spirit of positive celebration that organizers wish to invite members of the local and regional community to join the summit - to participate in the "unleashing" of our talents and creativity, and to help chart a course toward a hopeful and resilient future.

Registration will begin in March. For more information, go to www.TransitionOlympia.org.

What is ACT-SS?
The Alliance for Community Transition is a network of organizations and individuals in the South Puget Sound area. We cultivate community action in response to a changing climate, diminishing resources, and economic uncertainty.

Climate Change: What can we expect?

  • Abnormal weather patterns.
  • Wetter winters, more flooding and landslides.
  • Drier summers, less water for our food supply and hydroelectricity.
  • Increased sea level rise.
  • Less habitat for salmon.
  • Loss of biological diversity.
  • More potential for forest fires. -}

    Peak Oil: What does it mean?
    Peak oil is the point in time when oil production begins to decline forever. Many think this has already occurred. We depend on oil for travel, food production, many consumer goods, plastics, pharmaceuticals, as well as economic stability. We need to respond to a reduced oil supply by transitioning to local solutions. Economic Instability: What can we do?

    As a result of globalization and the recent economic contraction, we need to shift our economic focus to our local community, to support and incubate local business. By creating employment and demand through local production and consumption, we create local investment opportunities that foster social and cultural growth.

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