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What's a time bank?

According to its creator, Edgar Cahn, time banking had its roots in a time when money for social programs (had) dried up and no dominant approach to social services in the U.S. was coming up with creative ways to solve the problem. He would later write that Americans face at least three interlocking sets of problems: growing inequality in access by those at the bottom to the most basic goods and services; increasing social problems stemming from the need to rebuild family, neighborhood and community; and a growing disillusion with public programs designed to address these problems.

As a philosophy, time banking, also known as Time Trade, is founded upon five principles, known as Time Banking's Core Values:

  • Everyone is an asset,
  • Some work is beyond a monetary price,
  • Reciprocity in helping,
  • Social networks are necessary,
  • A respect for all human beings. -} Visit the website: http://www.hour4hourtimeexchange.org/ (Olympia group)

    We welcome you to the next meeting/potluck: March 9, 2012, 6:00 pm at the Gem Clinic, 3435 Martin Way East, Olympia. Come check us out!

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