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Superior Court Denies Trillium Development

On February 24, 2012, Judge Lisa Sutton upheld the Olympia City Council decision denying the Trillium development application, and ruled that the issue regarding Hoffman Road was not "ripe" for a decision, since the application was being denied.

"We are pleased that Judge Sutton has affirmed Olympia Safe Streets position in the Trillium development application," said Karen Messmer, OSSC President. "We have worked hard to uphold the Olympia Comprehensive Plan policies and City development regulations with respect to neighborhood connectivity."

"Citizens should not need to spend hundreds of hours preparing testimony for the City Hearing Examiner and Council and then have to go to court to enforce these important community expectations. These regulations should have been enforced by city staff from the beginning of this application process."

Olympia Safe Streets Campaign is a non-profit organization that has worked since 1990 to achieve more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streets in Thurston County. OSSC participated in the Trillium hearings as a party before the City Hearing Examiner and City Council.

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