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Occupy Olympia Movement Building

By Bruce Wilkinson

Occupy Olympia is evicting all Wall Street Banks from downtown Olympia. No longer do we feel that it is acceptable for Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo and US Bank to be siphoning away money from the local economy to pay their CEOs a fortune. No longer will we support banks like Bank of America in funding Mountain Top Removal coal mining and the military industrial complex. No longer will we allow them to be predators on our neighbors with exorbitant fees that affect those with the least the most. As each bank shuts their doors for the final time this year more money and jobs will be made available as our local banks and credit unions expand.

We will be on the streets at these banks with increasing numbers and frequency till every day you will see our presence. We will come with information on why folks should move their money, how they can do it and where they can move it. We will treat everyone with respect, all their wonderful soon to be former customers, the bank tellers and the guards. However, there is no redemption for these Wall Street banks, they all must go.

Go to http://occupyolympia.org to join a committee or to find out and help participate in our next action, teach in, general assembly or event. Every single one of you has the power to enact great change when acting together. We need youth, women, blacks, latinos, natives, elders, whites, the unemployed, the underemployed, the disabled, veterans, professionals, and queers. We are the 99%!

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