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Zack Butler's Artwork

Story and photos by Janine Gates

We know SPEECH is much appreciated, but we were surprised at Artswalk in April by SPEECH member, Green Pages advertiser, business owner and new community member Zack Butler. Zack's enthusiasm has already made a difference in our community in so many ways.

At our last board meeting, he asked me if he could take a variety of old issues dating back several years of the Green Pages to make into paper-mache projects. My first reaction was, paper-mache! I said, "Rip up our Green Pages?" I told him I was thinking we could deliver our "classic" issues around Olympia neighborhoods to introduce ourselves to a wider audience, and encourage people to become SPEECH members. I fought the inner hoarder in me, and said sure, take them, since there are plenty to spare.

The day before ArtsWalk, Zack called me and said there might be some artwork I'd be interested in at Olympia Federal Savings. Imagine my surprise, Zack had created three pieces of art - unique, handcrafted collages within reclaimed window frames featuring Green Pages photographs, stories, headlines and covers. I was so stunned and touched that he would feel so deeply about SPEECH and the Green Pages to create such meaningful art. He said our energy inspired him to create the pieces. To think I almost told him no, he couldn't have the back issues to rip-up, only to have it all turn out to be something completely different than expected.

Thank you Zack, for all you do!

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