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Native Plant Restoration Art Exhibit

An unusual arts event will take place on Saturday, July 23 on the west side of Phoenix Street NE at the corner of Thurston Street in Olympia. This exhibition is not a commercial undertaking but purely a demonstration, and the major attraction is the subject matter of the works in it. The theme of Native Plant Restoration will be shown with materials taken strictly from the waste stream of consumer society. Capitalist Realism, Junk Culture, Imperialism, Hubris, outsider art, as well as Naturalism are applicable terms for the show. The premise is borne out of, but not limited to, the rejection of the venal nature of contemporary art culture, with all its sterility, rules, isolation and contentedness in its immobility. Turning into art the cultural phenomenon of survival through disposability is forming an organic, autonomous growth out of what we do not want to see. Custom orders upon request and one-of-a-kind installations available, Please contact olyartspot@blogspot.com for more information.

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