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Thank You to SPEECH Members and Friends

Thank you to SPEECH members and friends who responded to our end-of-the-year request for funds to help keep our environmental education outreach efforts going into 2011, and to help us buy a new computer. At press time, we have received over $2,000!

If you didn't receive our fundraising letter, and would like to, please contact us through our website at www.oly-wa.us/greenpages. Or, simply donate an amount that is comfortable for you - checks should be made out to SPEECH and sent to PO Box 1989, Olympia, WA 98507.

Thank you:

  • Mary Murphy
  • Heather Trim/Lawrence Jacobson
  • Emily Lardner
  • Robert and Susan Markey
  • Peggy Bruton
  • Robert and Susan Ahlschwede
  • Sandra and Fred Romero
  • Gita Moulton
  • Richard Peters
  • Package Express Postal Center
  • Kathleen Kinard and John White
  • Janice Hartung
  • Kristine Goddard
  • Charles and Sue Lean
  • Alan Hardcastle and Karen Ray
  • Johannes Littooy
  • Michael McCormick
  • Suzanne Shafer
  • Edward O'Brien and Patricia Hickey O'Brien
  • TJ Johnson and Stephanie Peeples Johnson
  • Patricia Miller-Crowley
  • Henry and Leslie Romer
  • Russell Fox and Carolyn Dobbs
  • Jim Lazar
  • John Newman
  • Thomas Hartzell
  • Carolyn Trefts
  • Susan McRae and Rodney Tharp
  • Paul Wiseman
  • Bob and Bonnie Jacobs
  • Joyce Ogden
  • Eve Johnson
  • Peter Kmet and Nancy Ann Kmet
  • Jerry Unmuth
  • Patricia Collins
  • Mark Foutch
  • Stanley Stahl
  • Jolene Unsoeld
  • Joe Tougas and Karen Lohmann
  • Oscar and Barbara Soule
  • Santa Di Matteo
  • Nalini Nadkarni and John Longino
  • Emily Ray
  • Roger and Linda Polzin
  • Ralph Munro
  • Ann Mataczynski
  • Homes First! -}

    Other Recent Donors Since Our Last Issue:

    • George and Susan Dimitroff
    • Steve Salmi
    • Donald Anderson and Sherri Goulet
    • Glen Anderson
    • Ric Abbett
    • Chris Sterns
    • Regon Unsoeld and Susan Campbell
    • Jim Lazar and Karen Messmer
    • Barb Day
    • Gail Sheikhizadeh
    • Nancy Eggleston... -}

      ...and others who gave anonymous cash donations at our December 1st "As Long As The Rivers Run" event at Traditions.

      Thank you also to the Community for Interfaith Celebration (CIC) for its donation of $100. CIC selected SPEECH as its fundraising beneficiary this year to support our work on behalf of the local environment.

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