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The Olympia Village Building Convergence

Imagine living in a beautiful neighborhood that you have designed and co-created with your neighbors. The Olympia Village Building Convergence (OlyVBC) envisions Olympia as a network of neighborhood villages that share, preserve and celebrate culture, skills and resources; honoring the earth and building resilience for future generations. Their mission is to organize a cohesive effort that invites the Olympia community to engage in meaningful conversation and creative placemaking, a process that involves shaping public spaces in a way that creates a sense of communal stewardship.

This year, the OlyVBC will take place from August 11-14 all over town. There will be community projects taking place during the day, and evening events full of inspiration and entertainment. All projects are founded on developing strong local relationships, social capital and equity, placemaking, ecological design, supporting the local economy, and creating our village.

Many successful neighborhood projects begin with a few inspired individuals. The key to any community project, however, is to shift that inspiration to a whole community and involve all of the stakeholders throughout the whole process. OlyVBC is in search of sites for neighborhood projects. For more information, visit: http://www.olyvbc.org

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