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New Conservation Society Established to Preserve Salmon and Steelhead

The Northwest Steelhead and Salmon Conservation Society, Inc. (NWSSCS) was established April 22, 2010 (Earth Day) by dedicated conservationists to protect, conserve and restore the natural resources and outdoor heritage of the Pacific Northwest.

The initial effort of this community-based organization is to develop cost-effective, basin-wide strategies to prevent damage associated with seasonal Chehalis River basin floods.

The NWSSCS is collaborating with local, state, federal and tribal officials and Chehalis basin property owners to restore forestlands, floodplains and wetlands in order to protect human life, safety, health and property while stimulating the local economy, protecting local infrastructure and restoring Chehalis River basin fish and wildlife habitat.

Individuals and organizations interested in affiliation with the Northwest Steelhead and Salmon Conservation Society, Inc. are invited to contact Ric Abbett, NWSSCS president and CEO, by calling (360) 264-4820 or by visiting the NWSSCS website at http://NWSSCS.blogspot.com

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