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Thurston County Provides Toxic Reduction Presentations Tailored to Your Group

Interested in sharing tips on reducing your exposure to toxins with your neighbors, workgroup, faith community, or other group? Thurston County Environmental Health Educators can bring a presentation to your group that can be tailored to your timeframe and audience. The following is a sampling of topics offered:

Common Sense Gardening: Learn some quick and easy tips to make your yard and garden thrive naturally, without spending all your free time on yard work. Educators will discuss plant choices, fertilizing, weed control strategies, and how to handle slugs. Have a lovely looking yard that will satisfy the neighbors and give you time to relax too. Handouts include Common Sense Gardening guides.

Protect Kids from Toxins: Children have more exposure and are more sensitive to common toxins such as solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals found around our homes and yards. Learn basic, low-cost steps you can take to protect children from toxins, so they can reach their fullest potential. Handouts such as Mr. Yuk stickers and refrigerator wipe-off message boards are included. STARS credits are available for childcare staff.

Healthy Home Environment: Learn easy ways to reduce your exposure to toxins found in our homes, from arsenic to xylene. You will learn alternatives to common household chemicals, what the deal is with plastics, and how to read labels to buy the safest products without being "greenwashed." You can also make a green cleaner to take home.

Get Out of My Hair: Ingredients used to make cosmetics, lotion, deodorant, shampoo, and hair dye have been linked to cancer and may cause reproductive and environmental harm. There are better products available, learn how to tell the difference. Find out about about health concerns, how to read labels, helpful web sites, and safer alternatives. Optional: Make an all-natural lip balm to take home as a reminder that you can keep looking and smelling good without toxic products!

To arrange a presentation or ask questions, contact Thurston County Environmental Health Educators at (360) 867-2674 [TDD: (360) 867-2603] or mailto:venninj@co.thurston.wa.us or at: http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/health/ehhm/

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