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Citizen Lobby Day To Be Held in Olympia Jan. 26

By Mike Sato

Every year, the environmental community identifies legislative priorities to rally resources and grassroots support around during Washington State's legislative session.

In 2008, the Environmental Priorities Coalition http://environmentalpriorities.org successfully passed all four environmental priorities. It was accomplished through dedicated citizen involvement at Lobby Day by citizen activists passionate about the environment.

Last year, over 500 citizen advocates descended upon the capitol http://www.youtube/com/watch?v=-ZuuvbijCto Was it exciting? You bet it was. "When I see an army of real people, I love it. I absolutely love it, " said Representative Tom Campbell (R-Roy).

The Lobby Day goal for 2010 is 600 citizen advocates and the passage of all three environmental legislative priorities. This year's priorities are:

  • The Working for Clean Water bill is about creating jobs, rebuilding our local economies, and cleaning up polluted waterways like Puget Sound and Spokane River.
  • Safe Baby Bottles to protect children's health and the environment by phasing out the harmful chemical bisphenol A (BPA) from baby bottles, food and beverage cans, and other consumer products.
  • Budget for our Environment to ensure adequate funding for the core environmental protections that make Washington State a healthy place to live. -}

    You can read more about these bills at http://www.environmentalpriorities.org

    Lobby Day is an all-day affair, beginning at 8:30 am when citizens meet at the United Churches of Olympia. During Lobby Day, citizen activists will:

    • Learn about the issues: Get briefed by experts on all three priorities.
    • Attend lobbying trainings: Learn the tricks of the trade from top environmental lobbyists.
    • Meet face-to-face with your legislators: Practice the power of persuasion.
    • Attend an important committee hearing on the Capitol campus.
    • Eat well, with a continental breakfast and catered lunch.
    • Celebrate the day with food and drink at a post event reception! -} Event registration is $15 per person ($20 after Jan. 22). If you live outside the Olympia area, bus transportation from the Olympic Peninsula and from points along I-5 is available.

      To register online, go to http://pugetsound.org/forms/lobbyday

      For information, go to http://pugetsound.org/programs/policy/lobbyday or contact Rein Attemann, mailto:ratteman@pugetsound.org 206.382.7007.

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