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Garden Rhapsodies A Summer Treat for the Senses

Tickets are on sale now for the Garden Rhapsodies Tour coming up on Saturday, July 25 from 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Visitors will have the opportunity to wander through seven unique gardens, chat with gardeners, and see first-hand the results of practicing Common Sense Gardening.

These gardens help protect water quality and create habitat for birds, beneficial insects, and wildlife. They use techniques such as composting to build healthy soil, choosing native and drought resistant plants that are right for the site, watering smart, and replacing toxic pesticides with traps, weed pullers, and other less-toxic methods of control.

In addition to the host gardeners, master gardeners will be on hand to answer questions and point out highlights. Participants can also visit demonstrations on composting, ivy removal, water-wise irrigation, tool sharpening, encouraging pollinators, and much more.

Musicians will play in the gardens throughout the day while artists capture details.

Tickets are $15, and kids under 16 are admitted free.

Purchase tickets at Bark & Garden, The Barn, Black Lake Organic, Fairie Herb Garden, Gordon's Garden Center, Lael's Moon Garden, Perennial Gardener, Plantasia Nursery, Lincoln Creek Lumber, Olympia Supply, Rochester True Value, Yelm True Value, all seven branches of Olympia Federal Savings, Yenney Music, Olympia Farmers Market at the Master Gardener booth, or online at http://www.mgftc.org/gardenrhapsodies.html

Ticket price includes a shuttle bus that travels to each garden with no parking or route-finding hassles, as well as being a better choice for the environment.

The Olympic Forest Service Building at 1835 Black Lake Blvd. is the parking and shuttle site. This hub will include garden-related displays provided by local groups as well as compost bins for sale.

The Garden Rhapsodies Tour is a unique partnership among Thurston County, the City of Olympia, the Washington State University Master Gardeners, the Native Plant Salvage Project, and the Olympia Symphony Guild.

Visitors can take home educational materials, including a plant list for each garden, the gardener's estimate of how much time per week they spend on yard care, and how-to guides.

Don't miss this annual garden event for the gardener in all of us.

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