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In order to 'play' with the colors of this website I created this page. You see below the current colors used by this page. The changes you make on this page will not be reflected on the rest of the website, so have at it.

Each color 'value' must start with a pound sign ("#"). The next six characters define the color and should be thought of as three pairs of characters. The first pair of two characters indicates the amount of 'red' in the final color. The middle pair is the amount of 'green.' And the last two characters of the six is the amount of 'blue' to be mixed in. So the sequence is red/green/blue, or RGB if you have heard those letters before.

The pairs of characters are actually a 'number' but in the hexi-decimal number base (base-16). This means you count like 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f,10,11,12,... etc. Since it is base-16 we need sixteen 'digits' and tradition dictates that we use "a" thru "f" for the digits after the ones we are used to. So this means the smallest number is "00" and the largest is "ff". I suggest you just play around with it, you will figure it out.

If you have a 'color picker' program that may help with the selection process.

Enter your color choices:

... background
... main box
... nav menu
... text background
... font color

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