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About Us

Crow Drummers started as a band to perform in the Procession of the Species and continues to do so, welcoming anyone to dance or drum with us during the annual procession.

A core group continues to practice and perform year around at various community and private events.

We are a community band, not a "class" or closed group. All levels of experience are welcome, but the learning curve can be steep. Our emphasis is on hearing each other and playing pieces to have fun, develop as individuals and produce a powerful and coherent sound. We currently have four full sets of dunun drums (two of which we made). This gives us space for 12 dunun drummers plus an open nunmber of shakers and djembe chairs. Dunun drums provided. If you have other instruments like a djembe, bells, shakers, or a 5 gallon bucket drum - bring them.

We meet Tuesday nights from 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm. The location varies depending on the season and other circumstances. For example, during the warm summer months, we meet at the Heritage Park fountain. Other times we meet at a group member's home. Contact David Curts at 360-870-3989 for the location and directions to the next practice.

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