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Event Rental Space

Circle Hawk Farm offers rental of a variety of facilities and settings for business and agency meetings, educational school trips, individual and community events. The facilities are diverse to accommodate a variety of users year round. Groups up to 20 adults are ideal for the indoor heated studio space while the outdoor spaces and barns are great for larger groups (up to 100) of all ages.

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Studio Space


Big Barn is roughly 3000 SF (40 ft x 80 ft'). Multiple use space containing:

  • Concrete area 500sf with basketball hoops (one low. one high), four square, ball wall.
  • Wood Chip/Straw covered dirt floor down interior between horse stalls and storage rooms. Roughly 15 ft wide by 70 feet long. This area has had multiple uses but often used as the area to set up the ping pong table. It has a long hanging swing also which is fun for both adults and children(w/adult supervision). We also set up hay bales within this area for informal sitting during barn dances/potlucks etc.
  • Wood Chip/Straw floored area adjacent to concrete area with children's wooden loft (4 feet high) and large low wood table with small chairs and hay bales. A great area for little ones to gather, eat a snack, color/paint, play board games, cards etc.
  • Four straw covered horse stalls along the interior north wall of the barn.. One used for raising baby chicks and another used for bay bunnies in the spring/summer months.One used as our Recycle room for recycling of glass/paper/tin/aluminum/cardboard etc. And another most often used during our Children's Day Camp as a changing room before/after we take a dip in the creek on those hot long lazy afternoons.
  • Four concrete floored "spaces" used mostly for storage of farm/garden/summer camp equipment. Circle Hawk farm Use only.

Little Barn roughly 3000 sf (30' x 100'):

  • Wood Chip/Straw Floor area (30' x 60)'with east facing wall containing arched openings. Interior space protected from overhead weather (rain snow/wind etc) but not from outside temperatures. Often used in the winter months for informal gatherings (snack area for volunteer work crews, Winter Solstice Spiral Ritual, Barn dances, etc) and portable oil heaters used and/or we set up our portable wood fire pit and have a small bonfire.
  • This space contains a large wooden boat (as play structure), wooden children's jungle gym hanging from rafters, chalk board, shelving and wooden tables and chairs (all sizes) and straw bales.
  • All items are movable. This is a very dynamic space with incredible warmth and character. It has been used for Memorial Services, formal Wedding and Bar Mitzvah and Board Meeting sit down white linen meals, Children's Summer Camp, Barn dances, quiet introspective rituals. With twinkle lights, glass jar candles, hanging baskets of flowers, fabric draping walls, the options are endless.
  • The Wood Shop and Well house at each end of this barn are closed and for Farm Use only.

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