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Started in March 1998, the B-A-B project was first housed in The Evergreen State College bike shop, then temporary space at the 'old' Madison Elementary school, next we acquired the use of a workshop in the garage of a private residence northeast of Ralph's Thriftway, and finally we have arrived at our present location - 2602 18th Avenue SE, behind the Pit Stop grocery on Boulevard Rd.

During our years of community involvement, we have given away over 3,000 bikes; most of those have found homes locally. The rest have been shipped around the world through connections with individuals and groups (including Bike Works, Seattle; Lakewood Kiwanis; the Olympia Union Gospel Mission; Bikes for Togo; Caleb Ministries, Seattle; and The Evergreen State College bike shop). We have sent bikes to Togo, Ghana, Latvia, Romania, Vietnam, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. And one bike to Ireland.

This truly is a community project. Were it not for continuing support from the community, this project would cease to exist. We are grateful for support from:

  • Bike Tech,
  • Joyride,
  • Les Scwabb Tires,
  • Midway Recycling,
  • Intercity Transit,
  • Olympia Police Department,
  • Washington Traffic Safety Commission,
  • www.oly-wa.us, and
  • indivdual donors.

We welcome donations of bikes, time, money and ideas. The Build-a-Bike shop is every Sunday from noon to 4pm.

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