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Seven Reasons to Support the FOA Proposal For a Public Artesian Well

  1. It's the will of the people. There is no doubt that people in this community value our heritage of artesian wells, and want continued public access to this resource. This will undoubtedly be an issue in this fall's City Council election.

  2. It will promote good stewardship of water. A highly visible, public well with an educational display will help people re-connect with the natural world and raise their awareness about water use and the importance of good stewardship of water resources.

  3. It's part of what makes Olympia Olympia. "It's the water" is more than a traditional slogan for the brewery; it's a description of what makes Olympia unique. Artesian wells are an essential part of our civic identity and our heritage.

  4. For some people, untreated artesian water has special health and spiritual benefits. Many people who use the existing artesian well are quite sure that it has improved their health, and that lack of access to this water will significantly harm them. Others have an essential spiritual connection with the gift of natural, "wild" water. A city that respects diversity ought to respect these needs and these spiritual connections.

  5. An artesian well will be a tourist attraction worthy of Olympia. Like our Farmers' Market, a public well will demonstrate the special sense of community and connection with nature that we would like this city to be known for.

  6. A public well is vital when power is out to people who rely on private wells with electric pumps. Many county residents have relied on the existing well to supply their families and their livestock with water during power outages, or when their pumps failed.

  7. An open and flowing well promotes open and creative thinking. A communal well is a powerful symbol of sharing, of deep connection to the earth, and of gratitude for the mysterious gifts of nature and of life. To keep Olympia's commitment to be a sustainable community, there is an urgent need to nourish these qualities so that we can find new ways of living in harmony with the natural world that sustains us all. Creating a permanent, publicly owned artesian well in the heart of our city is the right way to start a new century.

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