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Music, live and on foot, for the socially just... or just social.

About Us

It all started when our ancestors crawled out of the sea, and in no time at all, with the addition of opposable thumbs, we came together and formed the Artesian Rumble Arkestra.

The music of the Artesian Rumble Arkestra is influenced by many traditions, including jazz, Balkan Brass, Brazilian samba, Bollywood film music, traditional hymns and pop tunes. The Artesian Rumble Arkestra works to contribute its portable and mostly unamplified energy to local social and economic justice events.

We support:

Other events we have participated in...

  • Peace Vigil - every Friday since 2007
  • MLK Lobby Day for economic and racial justice
  • CROP Walk to raise money to fight hunger
  • NW Detention Center Hunger Strike Support Rally
  • WA State Workers Combined Fund Drive
  • Fundraiser for Marriage Equality
  • Funeral for Democracy (protest against Citizens United)

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